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Rock Star Magazine


Got Promotion?
Got Promotion?
Oh-My-Goodness Promotions & Support
Founded: June 27 2002
Client #: 23
Staff #: 9
RSM Rating: 8/10
-Our View: OMG is a great company. They have a good selection of staff and they are well known. They spend alot of time working and are doing great. They could do more with the artists like have a song of the week or something to get more recognition.
Eleven Star/No Deal Promotions
Founded: November 29 2002
Client #: 4
Staff #: 6
RSM Rating: 7.5/10
-Our View: ESP started out then merged with NDP. They seem to be heading in the right direction as far as promotion. They could improve by becoming more involved with other companies.
Artists On The Rise
Founded: April 4 2002
Client #: 12
Staff #: 16
RSM Rating: 8.5/10
-Our View: AOTR is one of the Nets Top Music Promotion Sites. They are very active and post everyday. They could improve by lending a helping hand to those promotion companies that are rising.
Outsider Promotions
Founded: November 10 2002
Client #: 1
Staff #: 1
RSM Rating: 5.5/10
-Our View: OSP is a good company don't get me wrong from the Rating. It just seems that their group is really active but i don't see that much promotion being done online. They could improve my getting their client some exposure through online radio.
Founded: November 27 2002
Client #: Serves All
Staff #: 6
RSM Rating: 6/10
-Our View: The PSRCI is a really great company. I love their idea but there is one problem- No one seems to care. If i was a company or an artist i would get with the psrci and do online interviews in their chat room, online concerts, do press releases, and i believe that the PSRCI could make the unsigned online music area even better. 
Amazing Star Promotions
Founded: July 28 2002
Client #: 9
Staff #: 7
RSM Rating: 3/10
-Our View: ASP hasn't shown any sign of promotion. Well one sign which is the Artist of the month Jordan Avenue. They say they are working on an e-zine and that was back in October. I know you are probably thinking i'm against ASP but your wrong. I see potential in this company. Maybe they could improve by combining with another company.