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Wednesday Elektra (AFBPromotions)


Band: Control Theory 
Album: Reactor
By: Wednesday Elektra

Can this band get any better? Each time they send in a disc whether it 
be a demo, sampler, miscellaneous composed music or a full length 
release you'll automatically notice the progression from state to state. I 
can't wait to get an album from these guys when they're at their 
ultimate peak in their music career. From my stand point right now I doubt 
that day will ever come - the day when they stop topping their former 
releases. The combination of popular music, cyber electronics, industrial 
noise, punk and dramatic vocals hits you right between the 
eyes. Control Theory is one of the original front runners when it comes 
to creating music that will capture you - no matter what type of mood 
you're in and move you. They almost have this subliminal message within 
their music that says 'lets dance'. They're a great band, and I'm 
anxiously awaiting their next release!

Rating: 5+

Band: .dj.rotting.corpse.
Songs: Mercy Killing and Organ Grinder (
By: Wednesday Elektra

What noize hath .dj.rotting.corpse. brought to a harsh world of
electronics? "Mercy Killing" makes you
wonder if your ears are thinking the same thing as your brain. Bleeps,
glitches, noise, keyboards, samples,
drums, and who knows what else has made up this track of terror. Its
definitely unique in a genre where
everything has a tendency to sound the same. I enjoyed the breaks from
electronic noise with the
bass beats and drum lines. All around it was a pretty catchy track.
"Organ Grinder" brings to light the
more ornate side of .dj.rotting.corpse.'s sound. It has that prominent
metal edge, distorted sounds and
almost speedbass feel to it. It gives off a Schizoid influenced feel,
but in a more gabber
type arena. Definitely more enjoyable then "Mercy Killing." It'll be
interesting to see what else
.dj.rotting.corpse. has to unleash on our world in the near future!

Rating: 5

Band: Gargantua Soul (or G-Soul) 
Album: Impact
By: Wednesday Elektra

Gargantua Soul (or G-Soul as their sometimes called) lives up to their 
albums name, "Impact". According to Oxford's Dictionary the word impact 
means "strong effect", well I'd say that G-Soul are certainly a band 
that has a strong effect on me (amongst many other music lovers I've 
noticed)! Why? How can you not love mad riffing guitars, smashing cymbals, 
pounding drums, heavy bass lines all swirling around harmonious and 
very attractive vocals in songs like "Far Away"? I know I can't resist 
them! They're not all power rock hungry either, they have their soft 
mellow moments that are just as unique and satisfying as their 
hard-hitting riff rocking styles. Don't take my word for it, check them out 
yourself. Maybe you'll find yourself joining their ever growing "Tribe" 
and finding them publicized in even more of your favorite mainstream 
magazines. They're definitely well on their way to becoming the "next big 

Rating: 5+